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Research Interests

The major research interest of our group is to improve the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of therapy response of abnormal brain masses, with noninvasive monitoring tools based in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). Within this major goal, several sublines related to MR methodology are being investigated, which include:

  • Characterization of the type and grade of human brain tumors and other neural pathologies by imaging (MRI) and in vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS, MRSI).
  • Classifier development and their implementation into decision-support systems (DSS) for helping in clinical decision making in an evidence-based medicine context.
  • Treatment and follow-up of preclinical brain tumour models with novel therapeutic agents.
  • Search for molecular biomarkers of in vivo tumor therapy response, with the help of ex vivo and in vitro studies of cell models, animal models and their biopsies. Correlation with molecular and cellular parameters (histopathology, genomics).
  • In vivo molecular phenotyping of tumor progression and therapy response.